Tai Chi Class for Seniors CT: Canterbury

Fall Start Delayed Due to Budget Constraints

Seniors Tai Chi Class CT, Canterbury Senior Center
Fridays, 915-1015
Mike Rich: richmike01@comcast.net

More Info: starfarmtai chi

Eight one hour tai chi for seniors sessions are geared towards the senior(65+).Beginners of all ages will benefit from an hour of relaxation, breathing, and moving. Warm-up exercises gently work the body while relaxing the mind. Deep, diaphramatic breathing oxygenates the blood and stimulates a pleasant feeling of well-being. Joint rotation exercises help manage arthritis pain. New research shows Tai Chi class helps manage fibromyalgia pain. This tai chi class consists of ten simple movements. These tai chi movements  are practiced during this seniors tai chi class for their ability to train balance, flexibility, and increase tolerance for exercise.

Program: One hour class is held weekly, Fridays 9:15-10:15 Canterbury Community Center. 8 Weeks

A person practicing in tai chi class moves her body in a slow, relaxed, and graceful series of movements. One can practice on one’s own or in a group. The movements make up what are called forms (or routines). Some movements are named for animals or birds, such as “White Crane Spreads Its Wings.” The simplest style uses 13 movements; more complex styles can have dozens.The term “tai chi” has been translated in various ways, such as “internal martial art,” “supreme ultimate boxing,” “boundless fist,” and “balance of the opposing forces of nature.” While accounts of the art’s history often differ, the most consistently important figure is a Taoist monk (and semi legendary figure) in 12th-century China named Chang San-Feng (or Zan Sanfeng).

This class is taught by Paula McNally, a Starfarm “Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance” teacher in training.

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