Form a Tai Chi Class in CT (Near You!)

Offering  Tai Chi Class in CT

Starfarm (Laddie Sacharko) offers Tai chi  class in  Connecticut. Some of these tai chi  classes have been continuous in CT, some have been offered periodically. If you would like to see a class started in your town, why not enter a reply below…let me know about your interest, town/time etc. Share the page with your friends and family in the community who might also be interested. It could be the start of something good!

Starfarm Tai Chi Class in CT:

Beginner’s Tai Chi based upon CMC 37 Simplified, Tai Chi for Seniors;a wellness program, Tai Chi Fall Prevention:  CDC recommended-evidence based (AGS-BGS specifies Tai Chi as the exercise for fall prevention (PT is listed second)), Hidden Immortal Lineage Taiji Qigong-The Mother Form.