Tai Chi Fall Prevention Offered at Windham Senior Center

Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance will be offered as a fall prevention training program at the Windham Senior Center beginning the first week of May.  12 weeks of classes will be offered twice a week, led by Oregon Research Institute certified Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance Instructor Laddie Sacharko.

This protocol has been adopted by the CDC Agency on Community living as the standard for evidence based tai chi training as a fall prevention strategy.

Most classes will be held outdoors, weather permitting in order to maximize the opportunity for outdoor exercise!

“Seats” are limited, so contact  Kate Cox, Activities Director, Windham Senior Center: 860-423-4524kcox@windhamct.com.

Tai Chi for Seniors Windham, CT Register Today

Tai Chi for Seniors Windham, CT Classes

WED 9:00-10:00 or 1:00-2:00 Starts 04/12/17

FRI 9:00-10:00 or 1:00-2:00 Starts 04/14/17

This is a deliberately brief session designed so that people with little or no experience can join for a few trial classes.

For Additional Information: Kate Cox, Activities Director, Windham Senior Center: 860-423-4524kcox@windhamct.com.   47 Crescent Street Willimantic, Connecticut 06226 or Laddie Sacharko, Program Director/Instructor, Starfarm Tai Chi: 860 455 0353, laddie@starfarmtaiji.com.

Tai Chi for Seniors Windham, CT wed and friThe “style”  or name of the tai chi used in this program is the CDC’s Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance.  It will be led by a certified instructor.

This evidence based, therapeutic tai chi fall prevention program was developed by the CDC. It was proven through years of scientific research to reduce the rate of falls among older adults by 55%! In its first update of the American Geriatrics Society and the British Geriatric Society’s guidelines on preventing falls in older persons since 2001, this year AGS/BGS recommended “multifactorial interventions which include exercise for balance, gait and strength training, such as Tai Chi or physical therapy.”

The  Tai Chi for Seniors Windham Classes will be offered 2 times weekly for 12 weeks. You may register for twice weekly for 12 weeks,  and you may register for 1 class weekly, “tai chi a la cart”, or wellness program (does not meet requirements as  fall prevention activity; instead tai chi for seniors windham ct).

Part of the program protocol is  voluntary functional balance testing before and after training; participants will know exactly what their efforts have achieved, and can document for their Primary Care Provider the results of a formal fall prevention program.  Participants may elect to purchase a companion DVD, and/or guidebook.

Special Note: Tai Chi addresses the pain associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia, can be effective for persons with Parkinson’s Disease, can improve mood and sleep disorder.  This program focuses on tai chi as fall prevention exercise.

More information at the Senior Center.

Tai Chi for Therapy CE Workshop 2016 Schedule Next: Sept 17

One Day Certification Course Tai Chi for Therapy “Teacher In Training” Evidence Based Therapeutic Tai Chi Program

IN-House, In-Service, Off-Site Presentations

American Tai Chi & Qigong Association Approved CEC Provider

Helping People with Scientific Certainty,
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Chaplin Senior Center Sept 17 800AM-500PM


An Evidence Based  Tai Chi for Therapy Program: Community Fall Prevention, Clinical Balance Training , Tai Chi for Parkinson’s, Depression, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Pain : Download Mail-in Registration On-Line Registration;More info visit http://www.taichi4therapy.com/

The evidence based Therapeutic Tai Chi for Fall Prevention Program  approach targets functional training for bilateral and unilateral stance(and transition), stepping forward, stepping sideways, stepping backward.(gait and balance). This Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance program is one of 14 Fall Prevention programs recommended by the CDC, and the tai chi program protocol used in this training presentation.

This protocol “represents a significant enhancement of traditional Tai Chi transforming the purposeful movements into therapeutic training of balance.” The protocol consists of a standard set of tai chi exercises and movement practiced over a specified period of time (16 weeks), with a specific frequency (min 2x weekly), using pre and post testing of participants with functional tests.

Functional outcomes include better movement excursion and control, and consistent, steady walking patterns:

  • improved postural stability
  • improved control of body positioning
  • improved gait initiation
  • improved movement symmetry and coordination
  • improved lower extremity strength

Why this program?

  • Community-based clinical trial with older adults DONE
  • Reduction in the risk of falling by 55% ESTABLISHED
  • Community-based evaluation and dissemination DONE
  • Recommended falls prevention program (one of the 14 programs by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) DONE

Where do we go?

  • Using (tai chi moving for better balance) for balance, strength, posture and gait training in the clinical setting(tai chi therapy), and (tai chi moving for better balance) fall prevention programming in  the community setting.
  • Establishing a usable standard for the both the community tai chi teacher and the allied health professional, extending the continuum of care beyond the initial therapeutic intervention into the rehabilitation, prevention, and wellness stages.
  • Reducing the impact of the chronic (fall and related injury/illness) condition on people and cost.


Fall Prevention Tai Chi: DVD $5.99

“Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance” fall prevention tai chi program has been thoroughly researched.   This is the fall prevention tai chi balance training program needed to take action for people who feel at risk of a fall injury, or want to improve balance.  Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance has been shown to improve balance, ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease;  and Tai Chi has been shown to improve treatment for depression.  This Tai Chi Program consists of a short series of easy to learn movements and the regimen required to achieve reliable results.  The original study’s materials DVD is now available here for just $5.99  THE BEST TAI CHI DVD!  The original studies materials Guidebook  is also available below, at checkout .

Zen Landscape CD Music for Tai Chi and Qigong Practice

Zen Landscape CD Music for Tai Chi and Qigong PracticeZen Landscape CD Music for Tai Chi.

Translator: Chen Albert.

Liner Note Authors: Ouyang Qian; Chen Qiu-Yu.

Personnel: Xiao Mao Xiong Female Chorus, Chinese Broadcasting Chorus, The Great Earth Chorus (vocals); Chiang Ke-Mei (erhu); Li Guang-Lu (sheng); Zhang Ying (sound effects).

Editor: Wu Susan.

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Classical Chinese Folk Music for Tai Chi & Qigong Practice

Classical Chinese Folk Music for Tai Chi and Qigong Practice
Contains 24 tracks.

It is a touch misleading to list this album under “Various Artists,” because a single ensemble with three soloists performs on it. The soloists are Cheng Wu on lutes, Li He on flutes, and Chen Dacan on the erhu, the Chinese two-string fiddle. The soloists are not mentioned on the front cover, although you can figure out the score from the rear. The rest of the ensemble consists of a Chinese bass, hammer dulcimer, and bamboo flute. There are no vocals. The title is also misleading, or at least enigmatic. What is “classical folk music”?. The album sounds like light classical music, possibly based on folk sources, but played by a classical ensemble. Whatever it is, it is immensely accessible. The instruments, all unusual to Western ears, blend together to make a harmonious sound, but without surrendering their individuality. The music is carried along by a lilt and a verve that makes it spiritually akin to Celtic music. It offers up a lot of wonderful melodies supported by virtuoso playing on the part of the soloists, especially Dacan on the erhu fiddle. ARC are the people who brought you Hossam Ramzy, who produced this album for them. He’s done a good job: The sound is great and the sequence of tracks keeps it interesting. It’s a two-CD set and a real find for someone looking for this kind of music or for the curious beginner. ~ Kurt Keefner

Personnel: Cheng Yu (pipa); Li He (bamboo flute, bawu).

Recording information: Arc Music Studios, East Grinstead, England; David Ash Studios, London, England; Red For Studios, Southall, England; Red Fort Studios, Southall, England.&pid=1060305&frm=lk_ lk_starfarm