Starfarm Tai Chi Classes

starfarm tai chi classes at mansfield senior center
Mansfield CT Seniors Practice “Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance”at one of Starfarm Tai Chi classes.

All Starfarm Tai Chi classes begin with a period of warming up exercises called “qigong” (“chee goong”) and loosening, while relaxing to ease out of the daily grind, followed by a complete run through of a series of tai chi movements called tai chi form. Several of the individual movements are practiced along with integration of tai chi principles. Class ends with another run through of the entire tai chi form.

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Starfarm Tai Chi classes can be found in much of north eastern Connecticut. Some of these classes have been continuous, some have been offered periodically. If you would like to see a class started in your town, why not enter a reply below…let me know about your interest, town/time etc. Share the page with your friends and […]

Starfarm Tai Chi Classes for “All Ages” (minimum 18 years)

Tai Chi and Qigong exercises are known to have a beneficial effect on chronic conditions which are brought on and aggravated by stress.

Yang Style Tai Chi , based on Cheng’s 37 Form Simplified Tai Chi Ch’uan. Reduce the effects of stress, learn mind and body relaxation techniques; use your mind; improve circulation and breathing; burn calories; quiet your mind; loosen tight joints:While Having Fun!

Starfarm Tai Chi Classes for Seniors (Wellness)

Eight sessions are geared towards the senior, beginners of all ages will benefit from an hour of relaxation, breathing, and moving. Warm-up exercises gently work the body while relaxing the mind.

Deep, diaphramtic breathing oxygenates the blood and stimulates a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Ten simple tai chi movements are practiced for their ability to train balance.

Program: One hour class is held weekly, or twice weekly (Check Listing). 8 Weeks

Starfarm Tai Chi Classes for Seniors (Fall Prevention)

A Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance fall prevention program is premier among Starfarm Tai Chi classes, proven protocol, reliable. More than 800 hours teaching to the community.

Chinese Yoga with Healing Qi

These range of motion exercises not only stretch the tangible tissue(muscle, tendon, ligament), but also regulate the flow of qi (energy). Back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, hands and feet, fingers and toes are stretched and relaxed to achieve optimum energy flow throughout the body. Ideal for improving blood pressure issues and hypertension, blood sugar problems (type 1 and 2 disbetes, and dealing with weight management issues.

Program: One hour class is held weekly . 8 Weeks